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Aptamil Comfort 2 Follow On Formula Milk - 900g

Dhs. 92.26

Aptamil Comfort 2 is a special follow on formula milk designed for babies who suffer from colic or constipation. Its nutritionally tailored formula contains partially broken down whey protein and less lactose (than standard milks) that make it more easily digested, shortens stools and reduces digestive discomfort. Aptamil Comfort 2 helps to effectively soothe the symptoms of colic and constipation you child may be experiencing. Also, it contains Pronutra, our special blend of ingredients, so that your baby gets the essential nutrients needed for healthy development.
Specially formulated infant formula milk
Designed to reduce infants' digestive discomfort
Milk powder for infants experiencing colic or constipation
With special composition that aids easy digestion
Baby Food Stage: Stage 2, suitable from 6 to 12 months
Size: 900g