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Bavaria Pomegranate Malt - 330ml

Dhs. 4.75

Bavaria 0.0% Pomegranate is a non-alcoholic malt drink, brewed with natural mineral water and the natural aromas of pomegranate. Sweet and fruity, with a natural pomegranate flavour, which makes Bavaria 0.0% Pomegranate such a sweet, refreshing summery drink.
Natural mineral water, sugar, barley malt, 0.1% pomegranate juice, hop, 0.1% natural pomegranate aroma, citric acid: citric acid, colourant: 0.1% elderberry juice. Allergens: Contains gluten (barley malt)
Type : non-alcoholic malt drink
Alcohol content : 0.0%
Fermentation : Cannot be specified due to unique brewing process
Serve at : 3°C
Aroma : Sweet, red fruit
Flavour : Red fruit, pomegranate, sweet and light Bavaria character
Colour : Pale red, pink, EBC: not applicable
Limpidity : Clear
Bitter : not applicable
Texture : Light with carbonic acid gas
Sweetness : 3.5/5