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DCL Instant Yeast - 4x11g

Dhs. 3.50

Add dry yeast directly to the flour and lightly disperse before adding the other ingredients and mixing normally.
- DCL Instant Yeast may, if desired, be rehydrated together with a little sugar in warm water at 35°C-38°C (95°F-100°F) before use.
- As a general guide, replace normal activity Fresh Compressed Yeast with approximately 35% by weight of DCL Instant Yeast; replace Active Dried Yeast (pellets) by up to 75% by weight of DCL Instant Yeast, depending on the breadmaking processes employed and climatic conditions.
- Remember, DCL Instant Yeast is a high performance, consistent quality yeast. Careful observance of the correct yeasting level and dough processing temperature is important for best results.