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Huggies Baby Wipes Pure - 56pc

Dhs. 14.75

The Huggies Baby Wipes Pure is ideal to wipe your baby during diaper change. These wipes ensure that they feel extremely comfortable against your little one's skin. These Huggies Pure Wipes are soft and gentle, yet extremely effective. The Huggies Baby Wipes Pure are made from a unique cotton like material that isn't harsh against your child's skin even when used repeatedly. The Huggies wipes case comes in a pack that has 56 wipes to last you for a long time. The packaging is small and compact to let you carry these along with you even when you are traveling with your little one in tow.
Key Features
Alcohol Free
Dermatologically Tested
Moisture lock
Pack Size: 56 Count
Soothing Care for Your Baby
The Huggies Baby Wipes Pure is here to do away with the age old method of using a cloth to wipe your child clean. These wipes have been made from a special cotton like material, which is thick, soft, and absorbent and do the job amazingly well.
The Goodness of Aloe
The Huggies Baby Wipes Pure is induced with aloe vera extracts that soothe your baby's skin and protect it from rashes or irritants. The moisture lock feature of these wipes helps retain the moisture level in your baby's skin, while giving you a hygienic cleaning experience. Your little bundle of joy's smooth skin will remain supple and baby soft even after prolonged use.