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Lipton Red Fruits Ice Tea - 6x330ml

Dhs. 20.50

Created from a unique blend of real black tea and mouth-watering red fruit flavour, Lipton Ice Tea Red Fruits is a wonderfully tasty alternative to fizzy drinks that will appeal not only to natural tea lovers. Flavourful and refreshing, Lipton’s iced tea drink is an ideal solution to help you unwind and spend some quality time with your friends. Available in convenient cans, in a pack of 6, Lipton Ice Tea enables you to soothe your body and lift up your spirits anywhere you want - during all kinds of social gatherings or outdoor activities. Highly durable and easy to carry with, the can doesn’t break and protects the flavour and freshness or your drink. Taste the brightside and keep completely refreshed with every sip of Lipton Ice Tea Red Fruits.