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Pampers Splashers Swimming Pants, Size 5-6, Above 14, Carry Pack, 10 Count - 10pc

Dhs. 25.00

Your baby is free to make a splash in Pampers Splashers disposable swimming Pants! Pampers Splashers don't swell in water like regular Pants, giving your baby a comfortable fit, both when wet or dry. For secure protection in the water, Pampers Splashers' leg cuffs with Dual Leak-Guard Barriers fit closely around your baby's legs to help contain messes, making them perfect for the pool, beach, splash park and more. Only Pampers Splashers are designed with a 360°, all-around stretchy waistband that fits like swimwear and easily pulls on and off – even when wet. Plus, Splashers are equipped with Easy-Tear Sides for a quick disposal with less mess, and adorable swim-inspired, all-over graphics that make them look like real swimwear. Pampers Splashers make a day at the pool even more fun.
Pampers Splashers: Fit like swimwear, protect like Pampers* (*against leaks in water) Do not swell in water: Pampers Splashers provide a comfortable fit when wet or dryDual Leak-Guard Barriers: Double leg cuffs fit snug around baby's legs to help contain messes360° Stretchy Waistband: All-around stretchy waistband that fits like swimwearEasy-Tear Sides: Designed to make removal quick and easy, even when wetSwim-inspired graphics: fun-to-wear design that looks like swimwear