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Rainbow Full Cream Milk Powder Tin - 2.5kg

Dhs. 57.25

Powdered milk was developed as a method for the preservation of milk. Rainbow Milk Powder is formulated to give you all the vitamins and nutrients of fresh milk or any other condensed milk. Powdered milk can be used in baking, confectionery, sauce-making, and for preparing delicious beverages. Rainbow powder milk is very easy to make; it simply needs to be dissolved in cold water. Rainbow milk powder has quite a long shelf-life as compared to regular milk. Furthermore, long-term storage of this powder, doesn’t hamper its nutritional value. It also contains lower levels of lactose than regular milk. Key Features Product Form: Powder Type: Milk Size: 2.5kg Calcium: Yes Fat: Full Fat Pasteurization Benefits Rainbow milk powder undergoes pasteurization which destroys bacteria that cause souring. Microorganisms which cause various illnesses and alignments are eliminated through pasteurization. This also increases the shelf-life of the milk. The Perfect Substitute Rainbow powdered milk retains all the nutritional benefits of regular milk; notwithstanding the taste. Once mixed with cold water, this milk powder can be used in everything from preparing milk-based beverages to desserts.